'Fred the Ferret' set to continue legacy of psychic Paul the Octopus during Euros


Sydney, May 30(ANI): A new psychic animal known as Fred the Ferret is all set to follow in the footsteps of the legendary Paul the Octopus to predict the winners of June's Euro 2012 soccer championship.

But Fred isn't the only animal vying to carry on Paul's legacy, a hog named Khryak in Kiev and an elephant named Citta in Krakow, Poland are also ready to predict the right winners during the Euros.

Paul became famous internationally in 2010 when he correctly predicted who would win every match Germany played in during that year's World Cup, as well as Spain's victory over the Netherlands in the final, the News.com.au reports.

This year organizers, who are no strangers to Paul's popularity, will parade their psychic pets at designated fan-zones, and that's where the various animals will follow Paul's technique to predict the winning team by choosing between bowls of food.The most cute of them all, and the most communicative one, our local Kharkiv's one, born here, Ferret Fred," Kharkiv Fan Zone project manager Sergiy Kharkov said.

The authenticity of the predictions however needs to be taken with a pinch of salt, after a string of recent failures.

A dog named Sissi from Munich and an octopus called Rosi from nearby Rosenheim both had predicted Bayern Munich to become the European champions in front of their home crowd at the Allianz Arena, but to much of their agony Chelsea became the European champions.

But Nicholas, the llama from Sussex, predicted the right winners, after he chose a blue ball in his pen over a red one. (ANI)