France denies Russian reports of a captured Caesar artillery piece

Ceaser self-propelled howitzer
Ceaser self-propelled howitzer

Earlier, French politician Regis de Castelnau said that one of the Caesar howitzers France had supplied to Ukraine was captured by Russian troops.

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“This information is false,” said the General Staff of France.

“We categorically deny it. We’ve discussed this with our Ukrainian partners.”

According to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, no evidence was provided to support the claim.

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“This indicates that the supply of weapons to Ukraine is a major blow to our enemy, and they are attempting to discredit the AFU with the French and suggest that it’s futile to keep arming our country,” the Armed Forces Strategic Communication Center said in a statement.

Caesar is a modern French-made self-propelled howitzer, capable of striking targets up to 42 kilometers away.