How Fox News Used Steven Tyler to Shame Chelsea Manning

Oh, Fox News. You never cease to amaze. You gift us with intense guest rantings and anchor flip-outs and questionable truthiness galore, and now you’ve gone and played “Dude Looks Like a Lady” over a Chelsea Manning-related teaser. (Just in case you forgot, Manning—a former army solider named Bradley—was convicted in July for releasing the largest set of restricted documents ever leaked to the public. This, however, has practically become a moot point ever since Manning announced her intentions to undergo gender reassignment.)

The incident happened during Fox & Friends, during which host Gretchen Carlson—talking over a split-screen shot of Manning pre- and post-transition—explained that “Chelsea is on the right.” As New York Magazine points out, Chelsea is on the left, too.

The same article goes on to share the most shameful cable news reactions to Manning’s decision, including a CNN segment that saw Fredricka Whitfield interviewing Avery Friedman and Richard B. Herman, who barely masked their snideness. One such example? Friedman asked, “Can Bradley Manning get the army to make him Bradley Womanning?" It devolved from there.

Which isn't to say that all cable outlets are getting it wrong (one only need look to Stephen Colbert for an example of how best to cover LGBT-related stories.)

But as Feministing so eloquently puts it, “hateful, ignorant and childish coverage of Chelsea Manning’s transition, including misgendering and mocking her, is completely shameful and unacceptable. It’s also just plain lazy." Yup.

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