Fox News Is Totally Interested in Hiring Herman Cain

Adam Clark Estes
Fox News Is Totally Interested in Hiring Herman Cain

If Herman Cain is good at anything, it's talking about his opinions and upsetting many people in the process. Obviously, this makes him a great candidate for one of those high-paying, freewheeling pundit jobs at Fox News. The network's executive vice president Bill Shine isn't ruling out the possibility.

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Sean Hannity, a Fox Newser himself, first floated the idea on his radio show, Friday morning. After a morning of speculation over whether the network might consider hiring the former pizza mogul and lover of yellow ties, Shine spoke up. "He is interesting," Shine told The New York Times's Jeremy W. Peters, who unabashed went with the headline "Next Stop for Cain? Fox’s Door Is Open." Peters clarifies Shine's position:

Mr. Shine noted that while "there is nothing in the works," Mr. Cain will continue to appear on Fox as a guest, which he did most recently on Thursday evening. These were Fox News’s first public comments on Mr. Cain’s possible future with the network.

Who knows: maybe Herman Cain will talk his way out of all the allegations of sexual harassment and extramarital affairs and win the Republican nomination after all, leaving him no time to be a talking head. Crazier things have happened in American politics.