Tucker Carlson likes tweet by satirical and crudely-named account that makes fun of him

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An innocent-seeming Twitter account made its way to Tucker Carlson’s Fox News programme this week. However, seemingly unbeknownst to the conservative cable news host, the account actually has gone after Mr Carlson in the past – and whose username was inspired by a pornography site.

After delivering a diatribe against a recent Bloomberg op-ed that suggested how those making below $300,000 a year could scrape savings together to buttress against inflation and high gas prices by buying lentils, Fox News host Tucker Carlson pivoted to a tweet that, while in its message seemed to align with his purported values, was perhaps less than savoury for the host’s majority conservative-leaning audience.

“Well, there are still geniuses in this country, and some of them post anonymously on Twitter … Here’s what one said,” Mr Carlson said before introducing the tweet on Tuesday.

“You’re watching a master level ponzi scheme,” the tweet begins.

“2020 crash gets laundered through covid bailouts. Covid bailouts laundered through inflation. Inflation laundered through war in ukraine. The war and its effects on the globe will be laundered through climate change. The perps walk.”

The catch, however, one that Mr Carlson and his team clearly had not tuned in to before going on air with the tweet, was that the same Twitter user is not only not a fan of the Fox host – “What makes this all a million times funnier is how many critical tweets i have of tucker lmao,” the user wrote after seeing that his content had been shared on the popular cable news show – but that his account name is connected to pornography.

This knowledge is something that Mr Carlson’s Christian and conservative-leaning audience likely would not have appreciated, had they, the host or even his programming team done a quick scan of the troll account before airing it on a nationally broadcast television show.