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Fox News host Sean Hannity had a sippy cup made for Biden because he can't settle on a nickname that sticks

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Fox News opinion host Sean Hannity. Fox News
  • In an ongoing struggle to settle on a Biden nickname, Sean Hannity is going for "Sippy Cup Joe."

  • The Fox News host had a presidential sippy cup made for Biden.

  • Other nicknames have included "Sleepy Joe," "Quid Pro Joe," "Hidin' Biden," and "the Big Guy."

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Once known for his post-show football routine, Fox News opinion host Sean Hannity whipped out a different kind of prop on Wednesday night.

At two points in his show, Hannity displayed a sippy cup with the presidential seal on it.

Hannity began running with his latest nickname for President Joe Biden - "Sippy Cup Joe" - earlier this month after jettisoning or combining other options from his stable of monikers.

Going back to the 2020 campaign, other Hannity nicknames for Biden have included "Sleepy Joe," "Quid Pro Joe," "Hidin' Biden," "Sleepy Quid Pro Joe," "Appeasement Joe," "Basement Joe," and "the Big Guy."

On Wednesday, Hannity pulled out the sippy cup on air to mock Biden over the White House calling a lid, meaning no further announcements or appearances are expected for that day. During the Trump administration, the White House would often call lids early in the day on weekends when Trump was at one of his clubs or golf courses.

"Now I've got a question for - I got this present, I'll give it to [Fox News White House correspondent] Peter Doocy to give to 'circle back' Jen Psaki - you can give it to Joe, his new sippy cup, open it up, put some warm milky in there, cookies - it'll be great, Joe," Hannity said.

Just a few minutes later, Hannity whipped out the sippy cup again, asking Fox News contributor and former Trump press secretary Kayleigh McEnany if she could find someone at the White House to send the gag gift to.

"By the way, do you still have friends at the White House that could pass this sippy cup [to] Joe for his night night, hot warm milky?" Hannity said.

McEnany said she is not on "friendly terms" with anyone in the Biden White House, but described the prop as "hilarious" and "maybe they'll put it in the White House gift shop."

Hannity's nicknames have centered around a broader GOP strategy of painting Biden as mentally incompetent to be president because of his age.

In February, Insider asked Americans whether they thought the 78-year-old president had the mental acuity required for the job, and only 33% said he was not sharp enough for the Oval Office.

The GOP has largely struggled to land on consistent messaging against Biden's agenda, as Insider's John L. Dorman wrote around the president's 100-day mark.

If the nickname trend continues on "Hannity," the primetime host may be out with a new iteration in the coming weeks.

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