Four Russian An-124 Ruslan planes spotted coming to Belarus

Four Russian An-124 Ruslan aircraft were recorded in Belarus
Four Russian An-124 Ruslan aircraft were recorded in Belarus

"Did the Russians bring a new batch of missiles to Homiel? Four Russian Air Forces An-124 Ruslan heavy transport aircraft arrived at Homiel airport from March 25 to March 30, 2023," the message reads.

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The Hajun project has reported this aircraft activity before.

A convoy of military equipment consisting of five truck tractors (probably KamAZ) without registration plates was spotted in the Homiel district this morning, Belarusians wrote. They could have been carrying four missiles for S-300/400 air defense systems.

Accompanied by the Belarusian road police, the convoy was moving toward the Zyabrivka airfield, where Russian military personnel and S-300/400 air defense systems were located, locals said.

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The Belarusian Hajun project is a local resistance movement monitoring Russian and Belarusian military activity in Belarus. Among other information, it provides advanced warning to Ukraine about launches of aircraft that could threaten Ukraine with missile strikes.

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