Four Puppies Found on the Side of the Road in a Zipped Suitcase Saved by 'Good Samaritans'

North Carolina residents helped four puppies get the care they deserve after finding the small dogs in a dangerous situation on the side of a road.

In a post shared on Facebook over the weekend, Guilford County Animal Services said the four young canines were discovered in a suitcase that was fully zipped up "except for a small part."

"Good Samaritans," noticed the bag moving around on the side of the road and stopped to check out the situation. They found the puppies inside the luggage.

"They were shocked as to what they found and immediately brought them to the shelter," Guilford County Animal Services said on social media.

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"These puppies will now be medically evaluated and hopefully up for adoption or rescue soon," the post continued. "Thank you Good Sams for saving four lives today!"

Four Puppies Found on Side of Road in a Suitcase Saved by “Good Samaritans”
Four Puppies Found on Side of Road in a Suitcase Saved by “Good Samaritans”

Guilford County Animal Shelter/Facebook Four puppies found in suitcase

In August, another canine was rescued from the side of a road after a Good Samaritan spotted the puppy crawling alone on the hot asphalt of a busy Louisiana street, according to Greater Good Charities.

After getting close to the dog, the animal lover realized that the animal, named Dobby, was emaciated, bald, and covered in scabs and called Iberville Parish Animal Control for assistance.

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Animal control took the frightened dog — estimated to be around five months old when she was found — to Bayou Buddies, a Louisiana animal rescue that placed the puppy in a foster home.

As the days progressed, Dobby's caretakers learned the puppy had demodectic mange, which leads to hair loss and is caused by parasitic mites, and started treating the dog for the health issue.

After helping to cover the dog's medical bills, Greater Good Charities flew Dobby to St Hubert's Animal Welfare Center in New Jersey to start her search for a home, and on Thursday, Dobby found her family.