Four mass shootings in six hours across US leave six dead and dozens injured

A Chicago shooting left one woman dead and another nine people injured.  (ABC 7 Chicago)
A Chicago shooting left one woman dead and another nine people injured. (ABC 7 Chicago)

Four mass shootings over the weekend left 38 people wounded and six dead in a shocking escalation of violence in the US as the country emerges from more than a year of coronavirus-induced social restrictions.

Mass shootings in Cleveland, Austin, Chicago and Savannah are currently under investigation. All of the shootings occurred over a six-hour period between Friday night and Saturday morning.

Savannah Police Chief Roy Minter gave a press briefing after one person was killed in a shooting in the city and eight others – including an 18-month-old baby – were injured.

The suspect in the shooting launched their attack from a dark-coloured sedan around 9pm on Friday.

The individual killed in the attack was Arthur Milton, a 20-year-old man.

Mr Minter said two of the injured adults were left in critical condition. Two of the victims were teenagers; their wounds were non-life-threatening.

Officers collected 60 shell casings at the scene of the shooting.

Then, four hours later, a pair of shooters fired on people in downtown Austin, killing one person and leaving another 13 wounded.

One of the victims was left in critical condition, according to Austin Police Chief Joseph Chacon.

Shortly after that a shooting broke out in Chicago's South Side. That shooting left one woman dead and injured nine others.

Chicago police said that investigators were searching for a pair of suspects who approached a crowd gathered on a sidewalk in Chicago's Chatham neighbourhood and shot at the crowd of people. Kimifier Miles, 29, was identified as the woman who was killed.

The shooting occurred slightly after 2am on Saturday, according to a police report.

The wounded victims – whose ages ranged between 23 and 46 – suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

That shooting capped off a total of 44 people who were shot in the city over the weekend. Six of those individuals died.

Another shooting – also in the early hours of Saturday – left three people dead and six wounded in Cleveland.

Two men died at a gas station where the shooting is believed to have taken place. A third died at the hospital.

Three women, ages 30 to 43, were found wounded after being shot in the leg, head and ankle.

"It’s very disturbing what we’re seeing across the country and the level of gun violence that we’re seeing across the country. It’s disturbing and it’s senseless," Mr Minter said during a press conference after the shootings.

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