Foster Freiss Hates Barack Obama, Loves His Web Site

Elspeth Reeve
February 17, 2012
Foster Freiss Hates Barack Obama, Loves His Web Site

Foster Friess can agree with President Obama on at least one thing: website design. Friess, the super-rich Rick Santorum backer now infamous for his birth control jokes, has never been a fan of Obama, having described the president as the empty product of a "self-indulgent me generation" back in 2008. But even if he doesn't find Obama's rhetoric to be inspirational, Friess clearly embraces his web design sensibility. went down for a bit Friday. When it went back up -- still full of dummy text -- it was using the WordPress theme White House Pro, which just so happens to mimic the theme used by under Obama. Friess's site as of Friday afternoon is shown above. You can see the "WELCOME TO WHITEHOUSEPRO" right under "Key Issues."

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The PageLines site:

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