Fort Worth teen pulled gun on mother, grandfather after refusing to clean house, judge says

Courtesy: McClatchy Co.
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A Fort Worth teen was ordered to remain in detention after being accused of pulling a handgun on his family after he was told to clean the house.

No shots were fired in the incident, which occurred Saturday at a Fort Worth home.

At a Monday afternoon detention hearing, the teen and his mother told Associate Judge Andy Porter there was no weapon, but she told Fort Worth police on Saturday that she had feared for her life.

The mother changed her story several times Monday before telling the judge that her son had a BB gun.

In the Zoom hearing, the teen begged Porter to allow him to be released to his mother, but the judge ordered him to be detained for 10 days.

“Kids and guns don’t mix,” Porter said.

Porter ordered the teen to remain at the Tarrant County Juvenile Detention Center after the brief hearing. The teen faces a charge of delinquent conduct-aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

The teen was taken into custody a short distance from his home after running out of the residence following the confrontation with his mother and grandfather, according to a police report. He was not found with a weapon.

On Saturday, the grandfather and mother told Fort Worth police the teen had pulled a handgun and threatened his mother.

His mother was trying to discipline him for refusing to clean the house when he pulled the weapon.

The teen had no previous history with Tarrant County juvenile authorities.

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