Former registered nurse looking to serve on Falls school board

May 13—Beverly Callen, a registered nurse who has been living in the city since 1989 is among the five candidates for the Niagara Falls City School District Board of Education.

Callen is a master's degree registered nurse. Originally from Pennsylvania, where she grew up and obtained her nursing degree, she moved to Niagara Falls in 1989 and has resided in the city and worked as a nurse in Western New York since then.

"While working as a nurse, I worked in the ER, ICU ... hospital supervision and quality/compliance areas," she said. "I also taught nursing at Trocaire College for a semester. I recently retired and enjoy volunteering for various community service programs."

Callen said she is troubled by what she sees in the current school curriculum in New York state. "Our school district high school graduation rates, although improved, are still way below the national average. I oppose CRT and sexual orientation of our youth," she said. "I appreciate children learning real-life skills."

Callen said she has several grandchildren of different ethnic backgrounds that attended school in the Falls. "I love each one of them. Each one is uniquely different but wonderful," she said. "None of them should be made to feel different because of their skin color. They should each have the same opportunities."

She added that she wants students to have a successful education and opportunities for a better life. "I don't want them to be afraid to go to school because of potential physical and/or emotional violence that may happen that day," she added.

"My belief is that we are all the same with some unique differences, but we all bleed red. We are all God's children. We should be standing together in unity while celebrating our unique selves rather than creating division."

If elected to the school board, Callen said she will stand to protect all our children and work toward better parent/guardian/teacher collaboration.

Callen graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology/Chemistry from Niagara University and a Master of Science Degree from Daemen College in Nursing Executive Leadership & Change.

The school budget vote and board of education election will take place Tuesday at general election polling sites from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.