Former president Kuchma publishes new book on Ukraine and Russia

Leonid Kuchma's book
Leonid Kuchma's book
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Former Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma has published a book titled Ukraine is Not Russia: Twenty Years Later, presenting it on Nov. 20.

The book is the second entry in the Ukraine is Not Russia series. Kuchma's first book was published in 2003 when he was still president. At that time, the author intended to use specific historical examples to explain to the Russian society why attempting to interfere in Ukraine’s affairs is a misguided policy.

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At the presentation of his new book, Kuchma claimed that the first volume conveyed the meaning of "not the same, not identical." Now, “Ukraine is not Russia" means something completely different — "nothing in common," said the former president.

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It is noted that the first book contained predictions that have come true. One of them was the conflict surrounding Tuzla Island, which was triggered by Russia's construction of a dam in the Kerch Strait from the Taman Peninsula to Ukraine’s Tuzla in 2003. This event marked the beginning of Russia's hybrid aggression against Ukraine.

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