Former Panther claims to have lost 100 pounds in 40 days. Experts say not so fast

Former Carolina Panthers offensive lineman Russell Okung recently shared his 100-pound weight loss story on Twitter.

Answering the question, “How did you do it?” Okung says the weight was lost through fasting in just 40 days of drinking water.

The once 310-pound player tweeted out before and after photos of himself after undergoing the dramatic transformation.

“The journey from being a 330+ lbs @NFL football player to 100+ lbs lighter - has been unreal! A new me, a new chapter,” Okung tweeted.

Fasting diets aren’t for everyone, says Charlotte nutritionist

Samantha Berkowitz is a registered dietician and founder of SammiB Nutrition LLC, a telehealth service who meets with clients from North Carolina, Colorado, Michigan, and Virginia. She explained that certain weight loss methods aren’t possible for some.

“The promotion of weight loss of 100 pounds in 40 days is just not feasible for everyone or something that should be set as a goal,” Berkowitz said.

A fad diet can hinder an individual’s relationship with food, body, and movement, said Berkowitz, a Charlotte nutritionist who works with patients with a disordered relationship with “food and movement.”

While the 34-year-old former NFL player acknowledged that not everyone is capable of doing this, he added that the diet worked for him.

“Fasting isn’t for everyone; I get that. But for me, it was a life-changer,” Okung said. “The benefits are profound. Clearer skin, better digestion, improved mental focus, even my joint pain has decreased.”