Former Mayor of The Village Cathy Cummings dies of cancer at 62

OKLAHOMA CITY ( KFOR) – Former mayor of The Village and longtime Oklahoma City community member Cathy Cummings died this week after a battle with cancer. She was 62 years old.

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Former Village Mayor Cathy Cummings. {KFOR}
Former Village Mayor Cathy Cummings. {KFOR}

Her husband and now Vice Mayor for The Village, Sean Cummings, announced her passing in a Facebook post.

“I regret to inform you that my beloved wife, Cathy Cummings has passed away due to an incurable cancer diagnosis. The pain was overwhelming, but it has come to an end. Cathy was an exceptional mother, wife, friend, former mayor of The Village, and owner of Vito’s Ristorante. Beyond her beauty, I married her for her remarkable personality. Cathy’s positivity was unparalleled, bringing out the best in everyone she encountered. Her absence will be deeply felt by family, friends, constituents, and customers.”

Vice Mayor of The Village, Sean Cummings

In 2022, Cathy ran for Oklahoma County Commission District Three. She served as Mayor of The Village from 2019 and before that she was Vice Mayor. In 2012 she ran for Oklahoma Lieutenant Governor and has owned Oklahoma City’s Vito’s Ristorante for more than 20 years, alongside her husband Sean.

Former Village Mayor Cathy Cummings. {KFOR}
Former Village Mayor Cathy Cummings. {KFOR}

According to her biography, Cathy was born in Kansas City, Missouri, and graduated from St. Teresa’s Academy in 1979.

Cathy disclosed on Facebook in September of last year that she had been diagnosed with and undergoing treatment for gallbladder cancer posting, “C/T scans, biopsies, and lots of blood tests have been my routine for the last 3 weeks. My first round of chemo was on Wednesday. I’m feeling pretty good right now. There’s not much I need at the moment! Sean and my daughters Rosie, Danielle, and Angelina have been with me every step of the way, “Tag-teaming”! My daughter Angelina has truly been a blessing. She’s a dietitian at Stephenson Cancer Center, where I am also receiving the most amazing care from the best team of professionals! Two of Angelina’s coworkers brought me the loveliest chemo-care package today! Lina is making sure I’m gaining weight and keeping up my strength, to get the best possible chemo outcome. I want to thank ALL of my family and friends who have reached out to send their love, positive energy, and prayers my way. Huge THANK YOU to my wonderful, compassionate husband Sean Cummings, and my rock-solid Vito’s family! They are taking such good care of the Restaurant in my absence. Much love to all of you! And I will keep in touch! And give updates as this crazy process moves along. Much love to you all!”

A GoFundMe link has been set up in honor of her that states the money raised will go towards unpaid school lunch debt in public schools.

The link stated that “In honoring Cathy’s memory, her family humbly requests that, instead of flowers, donations be directed towards alleviating school lunch debt in our public schools. This gesture is a poignant tribute to Cathy’s unwavering dedication to our community.”

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