Former Naval Officer Raises Alarm About “World-Changing” Underwater UFO Captured on Video

Wet Works

A report about a strange craft that appeared to defy both aerial and aquatic physics is apparently making a splash among the ex-military set.

Tim Gallaudet, an oceanographer and former Naval rear admiral who served as the author of a March white paper about so-called "unidentified submerged objects" or USOs, told Fox News this week that he considers it both "scientifically valid" and critical to national security to study these phenomena.

Released by the newly-convened Sol Foundation, a think tank dedicated to studying what the military calls "unidentified anomalous phenomena" (UAPs), the 29-page report centers on a 2019 video taken aboard the Omaha off the coast of San Diego.

The video, which was leaked to filmmaker Jeremy Corbell and verified by the Pentagon as a legit instance of Naval-recorded UAP in 2021, raises more questions than it answers — and in both his interview and the Sol Foundation report, Gallaudet suggests that the strange craft should be treated as a threat.

"Pilots, credible observers, and calibrated military instrumentation have recorded objects accelerating at rates and crossing the air-sea interface in ways not possible for anything made by humans," Gallaudet wrote in the think tank's first report.


Dark Ocean

While nobody can explain what exactly is going on in the USS Omaha video, the capabilities of the craft it documented could jeopardize American maritime security, Gallaudet told Fox, "which is already weakened by our relative ignorance about the global ocean."

"The fact that unidentified objects with unexplainable characteristics are entering US water space and the [Department of Defense] is not raising a giant red flag is a sign that the government is not sharing all it knows about all-domain anomalous phenomena," the former Naval officer continued, perhaps referencing the Pentagon's UAP-hunting All-domain Anomalous Resolution Office (AARO).

While UFOs generally get most of the attention — be it from the government, academia, or conspiracy theorists — Gallaudet and others consider USOs to be equally threatening as their flying counterparts, if not more so.

Scot Christenson, the director of the US Naval Institute, wrote in a 2022 editorial for Naval History Magazine that although there has to date been "no documented damage to a plane caused by a UFO," mysterious sea creatures and other USOs "have presented the Navy with the greatest hazard."

While there's a wide gap between little green men and the storied krakens of the deep, the military's main priority when it comes to unidentified objects or creatures in the air or in the sea is safety — and if there's video footage out there of "world-changing" crafts, as Gallaudet put it in his report, that's definitely something that's going to concern the Pentagon.

"To meet the security and scientific challenges," he continued in the Sol Foundation report, "transmedium UAP and USOs should be elevated to national ocean research priorities."

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