Former lawyer who called to seize power in Ukraine exposed

The Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) reports about having exposed a former lawyer, who contributed to the work of Wagner PMC Telegram channel, calling to seize power in Ukraine, in the city of Kyiv.

Source: SSU; the Kyiv City Prosecutor’s Office; sources of Ukrainska Pravda in law enforcement agencies

Quote by SSU: "Cyber specialists of the SSU have exposed a former lawyer, who publicly called for forceful seizure of state power in Ukraine, in Kyiv. His campaigning for the Russians was spread by Internet resources run by Russian special services in order to destabilise the situation in our country and demoralise the Ukrainian troops on the front line."

Details: A source of Ukrainska Pravda said the lawyer’s name is Segrii Kryzhanivskyi.

The investigation team found out that he posed himself as a "leader of public opinion" and provoked people to pass public disturbances as "protests".

The perpetrator shot numerous videos, which he uploaded to his YouTube channel with a total audience of over 100,000 followers.

In these videos, their author tried to discredit the top military and political leadership of Ukraine and incited Ukrainian citizens to forceful action with the aim of overthrowing the constitutional regime in Ukraine.

It was established that the "video address" of the suspect was right away published by Russian Internet sources, including Telegram channels of the Wagner PMC.

The SSU added that Russian propagandists posed the material of the wannabe activist as the "public stance" of Ukrainian citizens, thus trying to harm the international reputation of Ukraine.


The examination proved that public materials of the person of interest confirm his sabotage activity in favour of Russia.

Based on the evidence collected, the SSU investigators served him with the notice of suspicion of public calls for forceful change of power, overthrow of the constitutional regime or seizure of state power in Ukraine, as well as of spreading materials which contained calls for such actions.

Law enforcement conducted searches at the place of residence of the person of interest.

The restriction measure in the form of 24/7 home arrest with electronic means of control is being considered, the Prosecutor’s Office said.

All circumstances of the crime are being ascertained.

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