Former Hedge Funder’s Fearful Forecast: We‘re Looking at ’The Biggest Economic Shock the World Has Ever Seen’ & There’s Nothing We Can Do to Stop It

Becket Adams
June 2, 2012
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Former co-manager of the GLG Global Macro Fund Raoul Pal has joined the growing chorus of economists who believe the global economy is headed in the absolute wrong direction.

What does the Goldman Sachs alumnus see on the horizon?

Mr. Pal, who writes for The Global Macro Investor, a research publication intended only for larger institutions, hedge funds, and family offices, believes that a global banking collapse and massive defaults will bring about “the biggest economic shock the world has ever seen” — and there’s nothing we can do to stop it.

Well, that’s pretty dire. Does he have anything to back up his claims?

We’re glad you asked. Without further explanation, here is “The End Game,” Pal’s impressively comprehensive (and grim) presentation on the current state of the global economy:

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The End Game

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The world has no engine of growth

Photo 3 of 30

First recession since 1930's

Photo 4 of 30

Per Capita Durable Goods Orders

Photo 5 of 30

Percentage of U.S. population employed

Photo 6 of 30

U.K. industrial production

Photo 7 of 30

EU Industrial output

Photo 8 of 30

U.S. GDP since 1802

Photo 9 of 30

Weakest foundations to enter a recession on

Photo 10 of 30


Photo 11 of 30

Total debt to GDP ratio by country

Photo 12 of 30

Series of defaults

Photo 13 of 30

All fall down

Photo 14 of 30

No. of defaults by crisis period

Photo 15 of 30


Photo 16 of 30

Defaults across the board

Photo 17 of 30

End of world?

Photo 18 of 30

The end of Europe?

Photo 19 of 30

The end of finance?

Photo 20 of 30

A collapse in world trade?

Photo 21 of 30

Eye of the storm

Photo 22 of 30

Connect the dots

Photo 23 of 30

Weak foundations

Photo 24 of 30

The big reset

Photo 25 of 30

Biggest econ shock the world has ever seen

Photo 26 of 30

Nationalization of banks

Photo 27 of 30

The whole bond market will be dead

Photo 28 of 30

Closure of the banking system

Photo 29 of 30

Around 6 months left

Photo 30 of 30

Going back in time

(H/T: BI)

Author’s note: The final slide in the presentation isn‘t saying that we’ll revert to the economic activity of  3000 years ago. Rather, it is a reference to trade links between nations along the Indian Ocean that are thousands of years old. Pal believes this is where the opportunity is. Why? Because they have ”low debts, high savings and a young population,” as Business Insider points out.

Thanks to Pal for letting us post his material.

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