Former GOP senator announces Clinton vote: ‘Trump could get us into a nuclear war’

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Former Sen. Gordon Humphrey. (Screenshot: YouTube)
Former Sen. Gordon Humphrey. (Screenshot: YouTube)

A staunchly Republican voice in New Hampshire announced Sunday that he’s backing Hillary Clinton for president.

“On Tuesday, millions of lifelong Republicans will vote against Donald Trump. I’m one of them,” declared Gordon Humphrey, a former U.S. senator who served more than two decades in that chamber. He made the comments in a video released by the Democratic nominee’s campaign.

The Boston Globe described Humphrey’s vote as a “stunning development,” given the former senator’s conservative ideology and support for tea party groups. Many anti-Trump Republicans, including Sen. Kelly Ayotte, R-N.H., have said they will cast a write-in vote for a fellow conservative as an alternative to voting for either Trump or Clinton.

But Humphrey said the risk of a Trump presidency is too great to vote for anyone but Clinton.

“Trump’s attacks on women, the disabled, war heroes and minorities are disgusting. A normal person doesn’t do that. But Trump is not normal. He’s cruel. He’s shameless. He’s a bully. And it gets worse. Trump is simply unfit to be president. Do we want a commander in chief who’s temperamental, belligerent, unhinged?” he asked.

He continued: “Trump could get us into a nuclear war. That danger has not gone away, and it would mushroom with Trump’s finger on the nuclear trigger. For the sake of our families’ safety, let’s stand together against Donald Trump by voting for Hillary Clinton. It’s the responsible thing to do.”

Humphrey represented New Hampshire in the Senate between 1979 and 1990. Humphrey backed Ohio Gov. John Kasich in the primary, but has long been critical of Trump. Over the summer, he called the GOP nominee a “sociopath.”

Watch the Clinton campaign video featuring him below.