Former Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman calls to drink ‘truly American’ beer on July 4

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Troy Aikman, former Dallas Cowboys quarterback and founder of his beer company, Eight, posted a promotional video for July 4.

Aikman calls for others to drink “truly American beer” to celebrate the July 4 holiday, such as his Eight, or other American beers.

Aikman, an NFL hall of fame quarterback who won three Super Bowls with the Dallas Cowboys, became a broadcaster for FOX and ESPN after his playing career. He founded Eight in 2022, after wanting to get into the beer brewing industry since he worked as a distributor while he was a sophomore at the University of Oklahoma. It began selling at H-E-B grocery stores in South Texas but has grown to most parts of Texas, although there are no current plans of expanding out of Texas.

The video he posted on Monday was to promote his light beer, which is brewed and sold only in Texas, for others to drink while celebrating American Independence Day, as he said Americans shouldn’t drink beer that “slaps an American flag on their packaging.”