Former Adult Star Jenna Jameson Wants To Move To Israel

jenna jameson moving to israel
jenna jameson moving to israel

The reason why you’re sending Jenna Jameson’s name trending on Twitter on Monday, Dec. 19 is because she angered followers when she asked if the term “slut-shaming” has to do with women of color.

The former adult actress also made headlines when she told an Israeli publication that she plans to move to Israel next year.

“My fiancé and I hope to move to Israel next year after the birth,” she told the Hebrew news site, Times of Israel.

Jameson and her fiancé, jeweler Lior Bitton, will reside in Bitton’s home in Herzliya, a coastal city that’s 10 miles away from Tel-Aviv. Last year Jameson, who was born Catholic, announced that she was converting to Judaism and planning to shoot a reality show leading up to their nuptials in Israel. It is unclear as to when the reality show will debut on television or what it’s called. Bitton told a newspaper that he did not let his mother know about Jameson’s adult entertainment career.

“Look, I didn’t come to my mom and say, ‘I’m dating the biggest porn star in the world.’ I mean, there are porn stars, and then there’s Jenna Jameson,” Bitton said, according to The Wrap. “At the start, I didn’t tell her who she was. It was a slow process. I let her know in bits and pieces until eventually she was able to accept it. And then it was fine.”

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