Forget Wall-E—Make Room for ERO, the Concrete-Eating Robot

The robot revolution has begun—and it is going to save Earth.

Omer Haciomeroglu, an innovator at Sweden’s Umea Institute of Design, has constructed what is called a hydro-demolition robot, or “ERO,” which uses water to take down concrete walls and structures.

If it wasn’t already awesome enough that the bot uses water rather than disruptive and debris-producing force to dismantle concrete, ERO also recycles what it levels. While deconstructing, the robot separates and cleanly packages the recovered aggregate, water and rebar for later use.

The demolition droid does the duty by blasting concrete with water at high pressure, a technique referred to as “hydro-demolition,” to break down and strip the concrete from its reinforcing structure. ERO constitutes a greener and more efficient alternative to wasteful heavy machinery.

ERO’s unique design also does not create violent vibrations that could damage different sections of a building and doesn’t destroy the fortifying rebar structures.

Still not cool enough, you say? The bots also move around on omni-directional tracks and are completely autonomous.

Haciomeroglu writes that once a fleet is plunked down within a doomed construction, “they scan the surroundings and determine a route with which they will execute the operation. Once ERO starts working, it literally erases the building.”

What will they think of next? Smog-eating sidewalks!?

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