A fitness tracker for Fido? Chat about wearable gadgets for your pet

Yahoo! News staff
Whistle is a wearable gadget that monitors your pet's heath. (Courtesy of Whistle)

Join us Tuesday at 4 p.m. ET/1 p.m. PT as Whistle co-founders Ben Jacobs and Steve Eidelman join veterinarian Jeff Werber and Yahoo News editors Jason Gilbert and Max Zimbert for a conversation about their new wearable pet gadget and health app.

The $99.95 gadget is similar to activity apps for humans. Whistle relies on a small wireless device with sensors that clip to a dog collar. Whistle records and shares your pet's activity and syncs wirelessly with a smartphone or web app and medical database to let you know just how much exercise your pooch is getting, and how much exercise your pooch should be getting.

"This is the first window you have into the dog's entire day," Jacobs told Reuters. We'll have Jacobs and Eidelman here on Yahoo News to answer all your questions about this ambitious new device. Humans and dogs are both invited to attend.