Forget Sonograms. You Can Now Get a 3D Model of Your Unborn Baby

With 3D printed renderings of your unborn child, a British company called Baby:Boo is offering a new, slightly creepier take on the classic sonogram image.

For around $230, parents can get a framed or boxed 8-inch cast of their unborn baby’s face. The rendering is sculpted using ultrasound data and converted into a 360-degree image file before being printed in 3D.

“People do think it’s a little odd, but it’s similar to creating casts of baby’s feet or hands,” Baby:Boo owner Katie Kermode told the Mirror. “It’s actually a really lovely keepsake to cherish.”

The models of unborn children aren’t just used as keepsakes. In a project sponsored by Huggies, a blind soon-to-be mother was able to visualize her unborn child with the help of a 3D rendering.

And Kermode says she isn’t just offering trinkets; she’s offering comfort. According to the Mirror, Kermode, 32, built the company after having two miscarriages.

After receiving fertility treatments, she was able to have two children, but, according to Kermode, “there was no way I could wait for 12 weeks to see everything was OK.” She received regular 3D scans of her uterus and “found it to be quite addictive.”

“I think being pregnant is a scary time, especially if you have struggled to get pregnant.”

Of course, Baby:Boo technicians are not doctors and cannot offer diagnoses based on their renderings.

“The purpose of your scan is to spend time bonding with your baby,” says Baby:Boo. “The 3D figurines are a really unique way to share the excitement of your new baby with family and friends.”

Just remember the one thing all new parents must keep in mind: If your friends don’t get how beautiful your 3D printed baby rendering is — they just don’t get it.

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