Forfeiture filed against Odessan

Aug. 12—The Ector County District Attorney's Office has filed a forfeiture action against an Odessa man who authorities say was caught with nearly 177 grams of THC products and 90 ounces of marijuana earlier this month.

According to online Ector County District Court records, Odessa and Midland police received a tip Aug. 1 that Ulysses Suarez, 21, was distributing marijuana and its active ingredient, THC, in Odessa.

Undercover detectives made arrangements to meet Suarez at an Odessa business so Suarez could sell an ounce of marijuana to the undercover officer for $220 and a THC cartridge for $80, the report stated.

Detectives surrounded the vehicle Suarez was in with guns drawn after he texted them the description of the car he was in. According to the report, they found an ounce of marijuana on Suarez's person and a THC cartridge in his hand.

During a subsequent search of Suarez's home in the 8500 block of West Dunn Street, detectives found the THC products individually packaged for distribution and the marijuana, the report stated. They also found packing materials, scales and $9,920.

According to a police affidavit, Suarez admitted he's been selling narcotics for while and he usually purchases $9,000 in narcotics from a New Mexico person who travels to Odessa with the drugs.

The DA's office has filed an action asking a judge to force Suarez to forfeit the cash, alleging the money is proceeds gained from a felony crime.

No criminal case had been filed against Suarez as of Friday.

District Attorney Dusty Gallivan doesn't comment on pending cases, but he has a policy of not filing forfeiture actions unless his office has filed a criminal case or intends to.