Flying world's largest aircraft Mriya now available in Microsoft Flight Simulator

On 27 February, Microsoft Flight Simulator launched virtual flights on the Ukrainian An-225 Mriya (Dream) cargo plane, which was destroyed by a Russian attack a year ago. Proceeds for the sales of virtual flights will go towards the rebuilding of the world's largest aircraft.

Source: Antonov Company on Facebook

Quote: "Mriya is taking off! The legendary An-225 Mriya is spreading its wings. For now, only in all its digital glory. Today, on 27 February, Microsoft Flight Simulator officially launched An-225 Mriya, new downloadable content for Microsoft Flight Simulator. You can try flying 'the Dream' right now – the release is already available for PCs."

Details: The project was made possible thanks to the effective collaboration of the Microsoft Flight Simulator team and the project team from Antonov State Enterprise. It received active support from Mykhailo Fedorov, Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, and the Ministry; Ukrainian pilots and engineers also provided support and expertise to help make the aircraft movement more realistic.

An-225 crew captain Dmytro Antonov, pilots Kyrylo Volehov and Yevhen Bashynskyi and navigator Serhii Nechaev had the opportunity to test the digital Mriya to see how realistic the flight feels.

Quote: "The rebuilding of this aviation legend was a difficult and lengthy process that involved several skilled teams from all over the world. Many hours of model development work, sound recording and detailed design were put in so that everyone could experience – in as realistic a way as possible – the role of the pilot of the world's largest plane, hear the sound of its engines, and inspect the cockpit and cargo ramp.

We are extremely grateful to Microsoft for its decision to direct all proceeds from the sale of the Mryia add-on in Microsoft Flight Simulator to a special Antonov State Enterprise account for rebuilding the An-225."

Background: on 2 February, state-owned enterprise Antonov announced that it had signed a licence agreement with Microsoft for the right to use the An-225 Mriya brand in the new version of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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