The new my.Flow Bluetooth tampon tells you when it's time to change

Tampons could soon be going high tech with startup company my.Flow developing a new Bluetooth-connected tampon in conjunction with a smartphone app reports Gizmodo.

In an attempt to help women get to know their periods better and prevent any unpleasant and embarrassing leaks, my.Flow has developed special tampons and an app to tell you how saturated your tampon is and when it is time to change.

The app works by using my.Flow's own tampon, designed with an extra long 6-12 inch string which can be clipped to the Bluetooth module attached to your waistband.

The tampon's saturation level is then sent to your phone via a notification so you know when it is full and when it needs changing.

As well as helping women to avoid any embarrassing leaks or the discomfort of changing too soon, my.Flow can also track other data about your period, including the frequency and length of your cycle and changes in your flow.

The company is still looking for funding but if successful, my.Flow is set to retail at $50 for the Bluetooth waistband module and then a further $13 for a month's supply of tampons, with traditional tampons usually retailing between $9 and $10 a month.

However a drawback of my.Flow's tampons, other than an increased cost, is that to start only "regular" flow tampons will be available, at least in the beginning, although the company are hoping to partner up with tampon manufacturers to produce its Bluetooth-connected tampons for every type of flow.

You can find out more about how it works with my.Flow's video here:

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