Floridians bet on Super Bowl for the first time, but will it be the last?

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — For the first time, residents in Florida had the opportunity to legally place bets on the Super Bowl.

Gaming attorney and sports betting legal expert Dan Wallach said if you didn’t get your bets in this time, you might have missed your chance because Super Bowl LVII could be the last Super Bowl Floridians can bet on for a while.

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“Certainly, for the Seminole tribe, which has a monopoly over statewide sports betting, and that goes to the heart of the problem that is being litigated in the courts, whether this, you know, monopoly being given through a federal statute that’s supposed to govern Indian gaming on Indian lands. Whether that’s an appropriate vehicle,” Wallach said.

Florida is now the largest state offering online sports betting, but some hope the court will step in to stop it.

“We’re on a collision course with both the Florida Supreme Court and earlier this week, a Florida parimutuel operator by the name of West Flagler Associates filed their U.S. Supreme Court challenge,” Wallach added. “So, we’re ultimately heading towards the sort of the final stretch of the lawsuits.”

In a 30-year deal made between the Seminole Tribe and Florida state leaders, the tribe was allowed to offer sports betting at its Florida facilities and online.

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“Florida struck one of the worst deals in the United States among all states that have legalized sports betting, they’re only getting 15% from the Seminole tribe and in return, have granted the tribe a full monopoly, which is about one-third to one-quarter of what states are getting,’ Wallach said.

A record-breaking number of people are expected to bet billions on this Super Bowl Sunday, experts said it could be because of Florida gaming laws changing.

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