Florida Sheriff's Office Releases Footage of Large Block Party in Kissimmee

A Florida sheriff’s department said it had broken up several parties at vacation rental homes despite the coronavirus pandemic, sharing footage of one such party that ran into the early hours of July 12.

This video, shared by the Osceola Sheriff’s Office, was taken in the vicinity of Windsor at Westside, a vacation rental community located in Kissimmee, near Orlando. The video includes footage taken from a police helicopter as well as video recorded from a law enforcement vehicle present at the location after 2 am.

Local authorities banned large events at vacation homes due to the coronavirus pandemic in Florida.

“The people attending these parties have no regard for what the virus is, trying to stop the spread of the virus,” said Major Jacob Ruiz, a spokesperson for the sheriff’s office “These parties seem to be happening more often even now since the state has reopened and things are trying to get back to normal they even care less about it.”

As of July 17, Florida had reported 337,569 total cases of the coronavirus and 4,895 deaths. Credit: Osceola County Sheriff’s Office via Storyful