Florida’s permitless carry law could deter criminals, attorney says

Starting July 1, Florida residents will be allowed to carry concealed guns without a license, background screening or required training.


However, owners will still be required to have a valid ID while carrying their weapon.

They will also be required to undergo a background check when purchasing a gun from a licensed dealer, but there are other ways to get around that rule. Florida law allows people to obtain a gun through things like private sales, gifts and gun shows.

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While there are concerns that this law could lead to more violent crime, one gun activist said this law could actually do the opposite by allowing victims like those involved in domestic violence to arm themselves right away if they need to, and criminals will be deterred.

“Their potential victims may now have a gun,” attorney and activist James Phillips said. “It allows them to carry immediately as long as they meet the requirements. There is no waiting time.”

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Phillips said as it stands now, law-abiding citizens looking to protect themselves have to jump through hoops to do so while criminals will bypass all of it.

“I think a lot of people wanted it because, from a financial standpoint, some people may not be able to afford to go through the concealed firearms license process,” Phillips said. “Not only do you have the financial aspects, but you also have a wait period, and you also have to jump through some hoops. You have to get fingerprinted, you have to fill out an application. It then has to go through a review process by eliminating that someone eligible to carry under this permitless carry can carry immediately.”

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