Florida organizations offer opinions on plight of Lakeland woman denied an abortion

Organizations on opposite sides of the abortion debate offered contrasting reactions to the story of Deborah Dorbert, a Lakeland woman denied termination of her pregnancy.

Doctors have told Dorbert that her fetus has no chance of survival because of Potter syndrome, a condition in which fetal organs fail to develop.

Andrew Shirvell, founder and executive director, Florida Voice for the Unborn:

“While a heartbreaking condition, Potter Syndrome is not a fatal fetal abnormality. Children who have been diagnosed (or misdiagnosed) in utero with this disability have survived, including the daughter of (former) Congresswoman Jaime Herrera-Beutler (R-Washington) and her husband, Dan.

"Florida Voice for the Unborn opposed the so-called fatal fetal abnormality exception that was engrafted onto Florida's 15-week abortion ban precisely because of its eugenic nature. It is immoral for the law to permit the deliberate, violent killing of any unborn child, including those who may be born under less than perfect circumstances."

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Stephanie Fraim, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida:

“The situation this family has been put in is cruel and unnecessary. No mother, father or grandparent should have to experience this.

"Florida politicians are interfering with the most personal, complex decision a family must make during a pregnancy. We should trust this family and their physician to make the best medical decision for them.

"Abortion bans don’t help families, and this situation shows how cruel and dangerous they are. When doctors can’t offer their patients all medically sound treatment options because they’re afraid of being sued, the patients and their families suffer.

"This family needs compassion, not government interference banning critical health care.”

This article originally appeared on The Ledger: Groups have differing opinions on Lakeland woman denied an abortion