Florida man used prosthetic leg to smuggle drugs into jail: police

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A 37-year-old Tampa-area man busted for cocaine possession reportedly tried sneaking pills and opioids into a Florida jail by stashing the drugs in his prosthetic leg.

The Smoking Gun reports that Keith Adams, a passenger in a vehicle pulled over during a Saturday traffic stop, put up a struggle when police discovered he was sitting on a drug pipe that allegedly contained cocaine and placed him under arrest. A field test was said to have confirmed the presence of coke.

According to sheriff’s deputies in Largo, Fla., Adams was handcuffed and asked if his artificial limb contained contraband. Despite being warned that bringing illegal substances into a jail would amount to further charges, cops says Adams denied anything was stashed in his leg.

A search of that prosthetic at the Pinellas County jail reportedly turned up Xanax pills and a gram of Fentanyl. He now faces three felony charges and one misdemeanor count. The Smoking Gun reports that Adams has two other narcotics cases pending.