Florida man gives car to substitute teacher in need

From an accident to a free car to an orphanage, there is no end to the ripple effect kindness can have, as three Florida men have discovered.

It went like this. Looking to unload a car that had belonged to his late grandmother, Cory Schneider decided to pay it forward. He had received it after a car accident years earlier and it had served him faithfully. He wanted to pass it on in the same manner, the Tampa Bay Times recounted.

“1997 Ford Crown Victoria - white - around 100k miles, almost all driven by grandma.,” Schneider posted on Reddit last week. “Damn good physical appearance for a 24 year old car. I want to help someone who needs it with a free vehicle.”

Out of a rash of messages that flooded in, he picked 31-year-old Mark Selby, a substitute teacher who’d been living with his mother while recovering from a car accident that had totaled his own vehicle.

“When I first got the call, I felt like I was going to cry,” Selby told the Tampa Bay Times.

Then came another assist. Local entrepreneur Marcel Gruber of St. Petersburg slipped $400 into the glove box to cover registration and other associated costs.

The three men even turned out to live near one another, the newspaper said.

Selby’s dream is to one day build an orphanage. And, he said, receiving the car made all the difference in his outlook.


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