Florida: Say Goodbye to Your Bongs

Matt Berman
June 6, 2013

Florida bong lovers: Your days are numbered.

On Wednesday, Florida Gov. Rick Scott signed into law HB 49, which outlaws the sale of drug paraphernalia such as water bongs, most commonly used for smoking pot. But if you're a poor Florida head-shop owner with too much supply on hand, have no fear. The ban doesn't go into effect until July 1. 

The law, however, isn't intended to be a capstone on the War on Drugs. As the bill's sponsor, state Rep. Darryl Rouson, said, the idea is to stop making pot "convenient." Because nothing says "convenient" like a giant glass bong.

Also of note: The law preserves the legal sale of some pipes, such as those "primarily made of briar, meerschaum, clay or corn cob." So, meerschaum pipe aficionados, you're in the clear. Your terrifying skull-shaped pipes are here to stay.

UPDATE: A National Journal colleague notes that it is still possible to purchase bongs on Etsy from an out-of-state seller.