Florida Deputies Bring Holiday Cheer to Little Boy and Mom in Palm Beach County

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputies rallied to make a little boy and his mother in Florida feel cared for this Christmas Eve, December 24.

Deputies from the sheriff’s office carried out a welfare check and “Christmas Surprise delivery” after they said they received a letter from the grandmother of the boy, Aiden, and mother-in-law of Catherine, Aiden’s mother, expressing her worry that the two wouldn’t have a Christmas this year due to a series of unfortunate events.

The sheriff’s office said Catherine was unable to work because of medical issues, her husband had recently left them, and Aiden’s grandmother was “too far to do something about it.”

“We met Catherine and Aiden at their home and confirmed they were both going through really rough times,” wrote the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office on Facebook. “Within hours, our team gathered multiple toys, clothes, and shoes for Aiden along with two gift cards for Catherine. We were also able to get them the Christmas tree she couldn’t afford to get this year and not to mention a few smiles.”

Video posted by the sheriff’s office on December 30 shows deputies rolling up to the family’s home with lights flashing. The deputies handed Aiden several gifts and a Christmas tree to put them under, saying they talked to Santa and he gave them a few things to deliver to a “little boy in a blue police hat.” Credit: PBSO via Storyful

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