Florida Democrat gets trapped in an awkward hippy music video about a river and manatees

Chris Moody

JUPITER, Fla. — While meeting with environmental activists in his district last Thursday, Florida Democratic Rep. Patrick Murphy found himself starring in an impromptu singalong about the nearby St. Lucie River, an at-risk waterway in his district.

After delivering a brief talk of support to members of the Rivers Coalition, a group that raises awareness about pollution from the nearby Lake Okeechobee, Murphy joined local activist Kathy Thomas while she sang her song, "Save the St. Lucie River.”

The look on Murphy’s face as the protest anthem goes on for about five minutes is, well, priceless.

"Spanish moss breathes into birds nest baskets where babies are fed with fish from a toxic nursery. Dolphins breed and roll around in the brown lagoons,” Thomas, wearing a homemade tie-dye shirt, cooed over the sound of her guitar. “Five hundred and eighty-two manatees have died in the last four months. There is no easy way to say that.”

“There’s so much talent in this district,” Murphy said after the song.

A spokeswoman for Murphy did not respond to a request for comment.

Here's the second part of the video: