Florida Cops Are Weirdly Preoccupied by a ‘Booty Patrol’ Truck

DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office
DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office
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A Florida sheriff’s office shared a very serious PSA on Tuesday, warning residents to not get duped by a truck emblazoned with “booty patrol” decal that mimics a U.S. Customs and Border Protection vehicle. The agency alleged that the truck is equipped with red and blue lights, and claimed that its owner is attempting to impersonate law enforcement. A man claiming to be the owner, Gabriel Luviano, shot back in the comments section of the DeSoto sheriff’s office’s Facebook post, calling the allegations false. Luviano said he only activates the vehicle’s lights at truck shows on private property, and that he has never tried to pull anyone over. In a Tuesday update, DeSoto authorities said they’d pulled the Booty Patrol truck over on Sunday and issued its driver a citation for having prohibited red and blue lights. Instagram posts by Luviano show that his truck is equipped with flashing lights like those used by law enforcement.

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