Florence Pugh addresses trolls who accuse her of putting on an English accent

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Florence Pugh has addressed trolls who accuse her of putting on an English accent.

In the latest episode of Ed Gamble and James Acaster’s Off Menu podcast, the 27-year-old actor spoke about how so many people think she’s American.

“You do a lot of good accents in films,” Acaster told Pugh to which she replied: “Well, I can do northern quite easily, my gran is from Grimsby. So I grew up taking the piss out of my grandad.”

The podcast host responded“The first few things I saw you in, it was all American accents so I thought you were American.”

Pugh, who was born in Oxford, UK, replied by saying that a lot of people think she’s American.

“So many people think I’m American,” she said. “Then when I do things publicly, like if I present an award or I’m on a stage talking, they’re like, ‘That is the fakest English accent I have ever heard’. What do you think I- How- What?? How do I sound better?”

Acaster asked Pugh: “Why would that be a time when you fake an accent?”

She replied: “Sometimes when I’ve done Instagram Stories, [they’re] like, ‘Oh my god, Florence Pugh sounds like she’s putting on an accent’ and I’m like, no, that is me. That’s literally me. So sorry.”

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In the past, many people have trolled Pugh for putting on a fake British accent.

“Why does Florence Pugh put on a fake British accent when she’s not acting,” one person wrote on Twitter.

Another person added: “Florence Pugh‘s British accent sounds fake. Lady claims was born in Oxford but I’m not buying it. She’s looks and talks like she’s from Kansas and went to a SEC school.”

One person wrote: “Florence Pugh always sounds like she’s putting on a fake British accent.”