How to ‘Flock a Friend’ and help the U.P. Home Health & Hospice Foundation

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) – With a certain local charity dance competition approaching, teams have begun some interesting fundraisers to collect donations.

The Dancing with our Stars event is coming up May 22 and 23. As people vote for their favorite dance team, one has at least one creative way to raise money for the U.P. Hospice Foundation.

“We actually have three,” said Wendy Hanycz. “We have our current one, which is the flamingo flocking. That has been underway for about two weeks. We have three sets of 10, 11 flamingos with all of the information attached to them. They have been going out into the public, in the community. Everyone has been really receptive of it. We get text messages in the morning ‘I have been flocked!’ but they are giving more money than what we are even asking for so that is great.”

If you find a flamingo in your yard, you can have them professionally moved for a donation.

  • $10 Donation: Trained Technician removes flock.

  • $20 Donation: Trained Technincian removes flock, and relocate to a friend of your choice.

  • $30 Donation: Insurance – Relocate flock to a friend of your choice and protect your home from future flocking’s.

Team Hanycz is will also be hosting a cornhole tournament on April 27th, and “Talk Derby to me” on May 4th.

To donate to Team Hanycz or more information on fundraisers, click here.

For tickets to Dancing with our Stars, click here.

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