Flipboard for Android Sighted -- on Samsung Galaxy S III

Peter Pachal

Samsung has unveiled its latest flagship smartphone the Galaxy S III and brought with it an unexpected passenger: Flipboard, the popular app that turns all your social-network feeds into a digital magazine.

Flipboard's icon is clearly visible in Samsung's demo video of the Galaxy S III's many features. Up till now, Flipboard has been an iOS-only app, though the company has previously said it's working on an Android version. In response to our query, Flipboard said Samsung was previewing some of the work they've been doing together, but had no specific launch date.

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Slashgear reports that the Samsung-Flipboard partnership will bring the Android verion of the app exclusively to Galaxy S III, at least for a short time.

Neither Samsung nor Flipboard would confirm this, however. Flipboard's teaser page for its Android app says it will be coming to "select Android phones" in the coming months.

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Flipboard debuted for the iPad in 2010, and was named Apple's App of the Year. Since then the app has spread to iPhone and added many features, but so far hasn't made the jump to other devices or platforms.

What's your take on Flipboard coming to Android, and possibly the Galaxy S III exclusively? Have your say in the comments.

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