First comes sunshine, then comes the rain. What to know about this week’s weather forecast

Spring is ramping up in Miami, which means it’s the start of the 305’s rainy season — with a little sunshine making a guest appearance.

You may want to savor the breezy, sunny days by hitting the beach. But if you’re going early this week, keep in mind that the National Weather Service Miami is warning of the high risk for rip currents across coastal Broward and Miami-Dade through Monday evening.

If you’re caught in a rip current, don’t swim against the current. Swim along the shoreline and call or wave for help.

Here’s what the forecast looks like for the week ahead, in case you want to plan your getaway.

Sunday is living up to its name, with sun and a high in the low 80s. But there is a 20% chance for showers and thunderstorms as well as wind gusts up to 20 mph. When night rolls around, it should dip to a 10% chance of rain.

Monday is expected to be sunny with a gentle breeze. It may be a good day to enjoy the outdoors!

Tuesday the temperature is predicted to rise to a high of 86, though it may coupled with rain. There’s a 20% chance for showers after 2 p.m. and a 10% chance before 8 p.m.

Wednesday should mostly mirror Tuesday despite a slight chance of thunderstorms after 2 p.m. and a 20% chance of rain until 2 a.m.

Thursday is forecast to boast sunshine and a moderate breeze. However, there’s a slight chance of thunderstorms and a 30% chance of showers after 8am, which should trickle into the night.

Friday’s temperature should drop slightly, with a high of 84, but chances for rain and thunderstorms are expected to ramp up to 40%. At night, NWS predicts a 30% chance of showers and thunderstorms.

Saturday may be the worst day to spend outside. Though it’s predicted to be sunny, there’s a 50% chance of showers and thunderstorms.