First EU-certified electric plane takes to the skies

Introducing: The first electric plane type-certified

by the EU's Aviation Safety Agency

The battery-powered Slovenian aircraft

known as the Pipistrel Velis Electro

is now ready for flight

The small two-seater is intended

for training pilots and can fly

for at least 50 minutes

making it perfect for flying school use


"Resting upon years of experience in electric flight we started flying electrically in 2007 and built more than eight airplanes prior to Velis Electro. We identified what is needed technologically as well as from the user's standpoint to have a type-certified airplane. Type-certified means the aeroplane can be used without restrictions commercially and this is truly a step for aviation as a whole which will enable electrification also of much larger aircraft to come."

Pipistrel plans to deliver the first

31 Velis Electro planes to customers

in seven different countries this year

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