Firefighters venture onto icy Michigan lake to rescue two trapped deer, video shows

Firefighters rescued a pair of deer from melting ice on a lake in Michigan, video shows.

The imperiled deer paddled in place inside what looks like a ring of ice as firefighters glided over the lake in a rescue hovercraft, video posted to the Plainfield Township Fire Department’s Facebook page shows.

The department posted the video on Facebook Feb. 3. It shows the deer trapped on the ice at Versluis Park, about 10 miles northeast of Grand Rapids.

Cannon Township Fire Department helped in the rescue, the department said.

Video shows the firefighters hoist one of the motionless deer out of the water and into the boat using a floatation device and then taking off toward shore.

Once rescuers dropped the deer off on the shore, concerned residents from Waterford Condos swaddled their bodies in towels to fight hypothermia, a photo shows.

Dozens of people thanked the department for rescuing the deer in the comments.

“Thank you for caring and taking care of these little ones,” someone said.

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