Firefighters Rescue Kittens After Finding Them in Fire Engine

Indianapolis firefighters helped get three cute kittens to safety after finding them in the back of one of their own engines Tuesday.

The newborn kitties, two boys and one girl, were found in an engine’s hose bed after the engine 35 crew kept hearing noises, according to the department.

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"They thought it was bird's chirping but then found the babies huddled together in that compartment. They were pretty dirty and hungry," Rita Reith, battalion chief of media relations, told

Apparently the mama kitten climbed inside of the engine and gave birth while the engine was in the shop, but the mother couldn't be found.

Firefighters took the animals to Noah’s Animal Hospital where they were placed in warm blankets with their eyes still unopened. 

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The kitties, which not yet been named, are all doing well.

They are being hand-fed, and in eight weeks will be ready for adoption, according to the hospital. 

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