Firefighters Battle 'Terrifying' Fire in Washington State

Firefighters captured video of a roaring blaze on August 19 as deadly wildfires hit parts of Washington.

The video shows flames leaping into the sky at Elk, north of Spokane, in what the Spokane Valley Fire Department called “terrifying conditions”.

The department said the footage was recorded at 5:30 am on Saturday.

Authorities said on August 20 that the Oregon Road Fire was more than 9,000 acres in size and zero percent contained.

A Fox Weather report cited a Department of Natural Resources (DNR) spokesperson as saying at least one person was found dead in a burn zone near Elk.

Spokane County Emergency Management urged nearby residents to evacuate immediately, describing the blaze as “life-threatening”.

Crews were also battling the nearby Gray Fire, which had consumed another 10,800 acres, according to the DNR. At least one person has died in the Gray Fire, the DNR said. Credit: Spokane Valley Fire Department via Storyful

Video Transcript