Fired NYPD cop charged with manslaughter for DWI crash kills passenger

An ex-NYPD cop fired last year for pulling his gun during an argument over a parking space has now been busted for vehicular manslaughter on Long Island, authorities said Monday.

Aaron Cooper, 26, was charged Saturday with manslaughter, vehicular manslaughter and DWI for a blood alcohol level of 0.15, according to court papers. He was arraigned Sunday and ordered held without bail.

Cooper, who authorities say admitted he had been drinking, was speeding in a 2023 Toyota on Rosedale Road near Lawrence Court in Valley Stream when he crossed the double yellow line and hit a curb and pole about 4:30 a.m., police say. His car flipped over from the impact, killing his passenger, Pablo Rivera, 22.

Cooper, who lives in Lindenhurst, was treated for minor injuries at a local hospital. Rivera, who lived nearby the site of the crash, died at the scene.

Cooper was arrested in Queens in July 2021 for gun possession, criminal mischief and harassment after allegedly arguing off-duty with a man over a parking spot and pulling his gun.

Cooper during an argumenttold resident Devon Ridge, then 56, that he would “blow up” his car

“I’m going to blow up your X6 and your house,” Cooper, 23, allegedly screamed, referring to the BMW X6 parked in Devon Ridge’s driveway on 154th St. in Springfield Gardens , officials said.

Ridge told the Daily News at the time that before the argument even began Cooper slashed a tire on Ridge’s car. Once words were exchanged, the cop allegedly pulled his gun and kept it at his side as he threatened Ridge.

“He came towards me with his hands in his pocket,” Ridge told the Daily News. “I never knew he had a weapon on him at the time.”

“Words were traded and he’s calling me all these names,” Ridge added.” I’m a punk ass, bum ass n—a, b—h ass.”

Cooper never pointed the gun at Ridge and ultimately put the weapon in his own car, cops said. When officers were called to the scene, the gun was found in the cop’s front passenger seat, authorities said.

Ridge said the argument erupted after Cooper took offense because one of Ridge’s other cars — a 2002 Jaguar— was parked close to Cooper’s vehicle.

Cooper was visiting a home next to Ridge’s and had parked in front of Ridge’s Jaguar, Ridge told The News.

Ridge said he had moved the Jaguar up a bit to avoid getting a ticket for parking too close to a fire hydrant. Cooper thought the move was too close to his own car’s bumper, Ridge recounted.

“He never identified himself as a police officer,” Ridge said in 2021. “I told him that I was going to call the police because you have a firearm.”

“Call the f—ing police. I’m the f—ing police,” Ridge alleged Cooper shouted back.

“He could’ve shot me when I turned my back,” Ridge said. “But God is good because I’m still here.”

An NYPD source said Cooper was fired last year.