Fire Drills and The Art of Cloud Monitoring

Craig Winter
HP Discover

In the digital world we all live in today, everyone's worst nightmare is the critical infrastructure issue that turns into a middle of the night fire drill. Whether it is a vital component of your internal business operations or even worse, a customer-facing revenue-generating application, the blood pressures begin to rise, support teams are called out of bed, and the mad scramble to resolve the issue at all costs begins.

At that moment, it doesn't matter what happened, it’s just about restoring the service and listening to a continuous refrain of: “Is it working yet?”, “Why didn't we know about this potential issue sooner?”, “You know I can’t get my work done”, and everyone’s favorite, “This is costing us a fortune.” 

Wouldn't it be great if we could prevent situations like these from occurring in the first place, or at least have better visibility into the potential failure prior to it actually occurring? Read more about Fire Drills and The Art of Cloud Monitoring »

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