Fire at Brooklyn church on Easter Sunday with over 100 people inside: FDNY

Fire at Brooklyn church on Easter Sunday with over 100 people inside: FDNY

WILLIAMSBURG, Brooklyn (PIX11) — A fire broke out at a Brooklyn church with roughly 150 people inside during Mass on Easter Sunday, officials said.

The five-alarm fire at Our Lady of the Rosary Pompeii on Seigel Street was located in the rectory area, according to the FDNY. Three firefighters and three civilians suffered minor injuries.

Several fire crews worked for several hours to control the fire. Officials said the fire was put out on the first floor but extended to the second floor. The church portion of the building was saved, except for some water damage, officials said.

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“One of our firefighters fell from the second floor through to the first floor while they were fighting the fire…They gave the mayday for him. He didn’t realize that the mayday was for him. So he bounced up off the floor, came in and wanted to run back up the stairs to address the mayday issue, but not realizing that the mayday was himself. He was he was unhurt,” said Assistant Chief Thomas Currao.

PIX11 News spoke to some people who were inside the church at the time. They said they were terrified when they saw a puff of black smoke near the rectory while services were underway.

“People get very connected to their parish, so when you see a fire rip through the parish center and the rectory, you know those people that were in the Mass that got out safely…They’re not going to have the joy of Easter fully today because they are mourning what has happened to their own church,” said Brooklyn Diocesan spokesperson John Quaglione.

Witnesses told PIX11 News that the priest made sure everyone got out safely. The church is more than 100 years old and a staple in the community.

The cause of the fire remained unclear Sunday night.

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