Fire Breaks Out at Oklahoma Church Serving as Polling Place

A fire broke out at an Oklahoma church serving as a polling place early Tuesday morning, June 28, the state Board of Elections said.

Footage taken by Marissa Johnson shows flames engulfing the Assembly of God Church on Hardy Springs Road in McAlester, southeast of Oklahoma City. The church was listed as a polling location for two precincts Tuesday for the state’s 2022 primary election.

Voting was relocated to the Pittsburg County Election Board office, officials said. Credit: Marissa Johnson via Storyful

Video Transcript

- You asked what caused it. If it is gas, they'll start blocking off this street when people get too close to it.

- Looks like that's what they're doing.

- It actually does look like that's what they're doing. Yeah, they just blocked it off. You can definitely smell gas there. That is crazy. You can see the front part is starting to smoke now. You know that fire is moving through on the inside.

- Oh, is that water?

- That's water. But it's already causing the front side of the building. We'll be lucky if it catches. Shit.