Finnish PM Sanna Marin passes drug test after partying video scandal

Finnish officials say Prime Minister Sanna Marin tested negative for drug use.

The 36-year-old world leader agreed to testing Friday after footage of her partying well into the night was posted on social media recently. Marin had expressed regret that video of her carrying on with friends and Finnish celebs went viral, but insisted, “I have danced, sung, celebrated, done legal things.”

A statement from Finland’s Government Communications Department confirmed the Helsinki native’s claims, stating, “No narcotics were found in the prime minister’s drug test.”

Marin said last week that she had consumed alcohol, though not to excess.

Parliament member Mikko Karna counted himself among Sanna’s constituents calling for transparency following the PM’s late-night revelry.

“Just for the sake of the discussion in public, it would be wise if the Prime Minister @MarinSanna voluntarily went through a drug screening, the results of which would be made public by an independent body,” Karna tweeted.

Finnish officials said the cost of Marin’s drug test was paid for by the prime minister.

Marin became Finland’s youngest prime minister in 2019, at the age of 34. She joined her nation’s parliament in 2015.